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Enchanting Islands

The Comoros are a group of charming islands on the Indian Ocean. The climate is a calming tropical marine.

Why Comoros

The people of Comoros are extremely friendly and will welcome you joyfully.  Let’s not forget the fun of travelling between islands as you discover all that Comoros has to offer. Due to its location, Comoros has very beautiful sandy beaches as compared to other areas.

While your there

You should make sure to visit all three cities and find out what unique things each one has to offer. You should also attempt to hike up one of the volcanic mountains and if not, you could simply capture the view of the mountains.

How to get there

You can jet in to the Comoros through its capital. This option may be a bit expensive compared to coming in by boat. There are boats that you could board from Zanzibar or Madagascar. Their prices are negotiable, and hence you may pay as little as the captain is willing to offer. Though getting there by boat may be cheaper, it is also very time consuming and the boats do not come by frequently. You may also find that the captain is unwilling to travel that particular day and thus disrupt your program.

What you will need to get there

Everyone is required to have both a passport and a visa. Visas are available within the country for a specific amount of money. You should be warned that the visas do not accommodate for more than 45 days. If you are to stay for more than 45 days, the government will expect a good reason from you.


There are a few hotels in the country that will offer an affordable and comfortable stay. Though, if you are friendly, it is not uncommon to find a local that will let you sleep at there residence for a small fee. If you’re very lucky, you may find that the local takes you in as a guest, and in such a case you need not pay any fee at all. However, this is not advisable, it would be better for you to get a hotel room and have your privacy. Well, Comoros is a very safe country and some simply prefer to stay with the locals and experience their culture.

Internal Transport and Car hire in Comoros

The aviation systems are available for transportation to and from islands. There are also boats which the locals use often. There is no public service vehicle system especially on the busiest island. What are available are car rental services. These are a lot more convenient than simply using boats. Boats only get you to the coast. Without a hired car, you would find yourself hitch hiking which can be very inconvenient and time consuming. All three islands have car hire transport services. Hired cars are not only convenient, but they are also safe. With the lack of a public service system, they really are the only way to get around. You could as well get cheap car hire services if you do not wish to spend much on transportation.

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